Life. A journey in time. An amazing tapestry only God can weave into something beautiful.  Mixing and blending the darks, the lighter shades, and the shades in between. Then He adds gold edges, and turn it into a masterpiece. The touch of the Master’s hand brings music from a forgotten violin, grows flowers from the neglected plant, brings beauty from ashes.  A life surrendered to God and redeemed by His Son is never wasted. Although life takes many twists and turns, always there is God Who calls us by name and knows us before we are born.  There is no life so lost and hopeless that the blood and life of Jesus cannot make it new.

Here I write about the many and varied threads that make up the life we live. The usual, the unusual, the funny, the sad, the tears, the laughter. Portraits of a life past, inspiration for today, and encouragement for tomorrow.  Join the journey!